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Our offices can help you with your accident compensation claims.

1) We use our vast experience and strong track record to get the best deal for our clients

We understand that traffic accidents can be a stressful time for both the victim and his/her relatives. However, in order to receive appropriate payment for your injury, you will have to undertake complicated calculations to submit an appropriate assessment of damages.

When you submit the extent of your damage to the insurance company, they will most likely assess your damage and offer you a meagre sum of money. However in many cases, Insurance companies try to withhold payments, so you may not receive the full sum of money of which you should be entitled to. In such a situation you will have to calculate the damage yourself and negotiate with the insurance company to receive the appropriate amount from them. However, this is a bad idea since without the necessary technical knowledge, you are likely to leave negotiations empty handed.

We therefore recommend that you consult with us so that we can use our wealth of experience and understanding of the field to handle negotiations with the insurance company on your behalf.

2) Our experienced attorneys will provide you with accurate assessment of damages

In order to complete an assessment of damages, you will have a checkup from the doctors who will make a review of the extent of your injuries. However, since doctors are only medical professionals, they may not be familiar with the legal technical procedures and thus they may make assessments that undervalue the sum of compensation that you are entitled to. At our firm we have lawyers with a strong background in medicine who can assess your injuries who can give you an accurate assessment of damages.

3) We will provide you all round support so that you can minimize all the burdenst

In order to minimize the psychological burden of traffic accident victims and their families, we have put in place a comprehensive support system that covers everything from negotiations with insurance companies to the continuation of medical expense payments, support for damage assessments, settlements with the insurance companies, and the settlement of lawsuits (should they occur).

What we can guarantee our clients will recieve

Comprehensive medical assistance

We will take on the challenge of establishing a thorough system that will enable us to obtain an appropriate assessment of damages, from confirming the status of hospital treatment immediately after an accident to receiving treatment, encouraging doctors who would be required to write down defective disability diagnostics, and conducting advance checks on the content of defective disability diagnostics before submitting them to the insurance companies.

Total support from the immediate aftermath of the accident to the moment you receive compensation

In order to minimize the burden of traffic accident victims and their families and to ensure that they can focus on recovery with a peace of mind, we have put in place a comprehensive support system that encompasses settlements with insurance companies and settlements through lawsuits.。

A peace of mind knowing that you have entrusted your compensation claims in the hands of professionals

To ensure that people suffering from traffic accidents do not feel anxiety about the costs of hiring lawyers, we have set up a system in which the first-time consultation fee is free for 30 minutes, and we have established a uniform and easy-to-understand system for remuneration.In addition, our firm has adopted a fully deferred payment system in which remuneration is paid after insurance claims and compensations are obtained.

We are well experienced in dealing with issues related to car accident

  • Even during hospitalization/Treatment
  • To be qulifed as a disablity form accident
  • For better settelment

  • A non-life insurance company has a wealth of experience and knowledge in handling accident handling and compensation issues. On the other hand, as a customer, the treatment of traffic accidents and the handling of compensation problems are advantageous even if they interfere with the opposite insurance company with almost no knowledge or experience once in a lifetime. It will be difficult to get results. In such cases, my lawyer can be your strength. We aim to achieve appropriate compensation by making use of our wealth of legal knowledge, trial experience and negotiation experience. Insurance companies are also lawyers to intervene. We, the lawyer corporation Haruka, support you by pouring all our knowledge and experience to realize the client's benefit, even if you walk a step or a half. There are also times when you change your attitude. There is

    However, lawyers claim compensation and compensation on the highest court basis.

    Voluntary insurance standards are simply the amount set by the insurance company. There is no problem with voluntary insurance standards if there is an agreement with the victim, even if it is a case that the compensation amount will be twice or more if the trial is conducted, it is the first thing that the amount goes up significantly even if the individual negotiates There is none. Attorneys have the greatest strength: they can immediately sue if they can not settle through negotiations. If the lawyer negotiates, it will eventually become a trial under the voluntary insurance standard, and the insurance company will judge that it will be a court-based payment. Therefore, there are many cases where you can agree on the court-based compensation amount at the negotiation stage.

    To ensure that people suffering from traffic accidents do not feel anxiety about the costs of lawyers, we have set up a system in which the first-time consultation fee is free for 30 minutes, and the start fee is free, and we have established a uniform and easy-to-understand remuneration system for remuneration. In addition, the Company has adopted a fully deferred payment in which remuneration is paid after insurance claims and compensations are obtained.

    ※The former rule and basis of legal service fee under Japanese Bar Association will apply to legal fees for those who are under legal expenses cover

    弁護士法人はるか 交通事故サイト

    If one of your family menbers is under insurence coverage that has a legal expenses cover(弁護士費用特約) you will be compensated up to 3 milion JPY for legal service fee by tan insurence compnay. the policy that one of your family members has may cover your expenses arose from car accisident.

    ※There is an exception for some insurence compnaies

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