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Tokyo Sanno Law Office


山口 伸人 Nobuto Yamaguchi

  • ・Admitted in 1980
  • ・Waseda University, LL.B, Legal Trading & Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan,
  •  University of Washington School of Law, LL.M, Visiting Scholar at Harvard Law School.
  • ・Member: Daiichi Tokyo bar association.
  • ・Former partner of Braun, Moriya, Hoashi & Kubota Law Office based in Tokyo.
  • ・Founded Yamaguchi & Nagahama Law Firm, Tokyo, Japan in 1997 and re-branded it as Tokyo
  •    Sanno Law Office in 2011.
  • ・Formally served as an Arbitrator at Tokyo Summary Court
  • ・Arbitrator of Tokyo Maritime Arbitration Commission (TOMAC) of the Japan Shipping Exchange
  •  Inc.


    • LANGUAGES: Japanese, English

工藤 雅大 Norihiro Kudoh


  • LANGUAGES: Japanese, English

Aomori Law Office

佐藤 大輔

佐藤 大輔   Daisuke Satou

Career -2002 Graduated from University of Tsukuba with a degree in Group Social Law
-2009, Completed the graduate course at Tokyo Law School, Capital University
- 2011 Registered as Attorney at Law
- 2011 Joined Aomori Law Office, Haruka Aomori Branch
- Gave a Lecture by Sekisui House Co., Ltd. on November 24, 2013, on the topic of "The Law for Measures to Cope with Evacuation of Aged Houses and Leased Lands"


The Aomori Bar Association belongs to the Consumer Affairs Countermeasures Commission, the Commission on the Rights of the Elderly and Persons with Disabilities, and the Commission on Crime Victim Support Centers, etc., and makes local contributions through activities of bar associations.




- In 2014, Graduated from Iwate University Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Law and Economics
- In 2017, Graduated from Hitotsubashi University Law School
- In 2019, Registered as a lawyer

- Joined Aomori Law Office, Haruka Aomori Branch


Carries a license of Real estate broker driver's license for large motorcycles and Museum curator.




-Graduated from Ritsumeikan University, Graduate School of Law
-Completed Judicial Research and Training Institute, Supreme Court of Japan
-Joined a law firm in Tokyo
-Joined Haruka Law Office Aomori Branch, Aomori Law Office


Actively involved in cases related to divorce, adultery and marital trust issues, inheritance, and traffic accidents.

Tochigi Utunomiya Law Office

宮尾 俊輔

宮尾 俊輔   Shunsuke Miyao

Career - 2014 Graduated from Law School, Keio University, Faculty of Law
- 2016 Graduated from the Graduate School of Law and Political Studies
- Graduate School of Law, University of Tokyo (Graduate School of Law)
- 2017 Completed the Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court
- Joined Haraka Tochigi Utsunomiya Office


A member of Tochigi Bar Association, the Consumer Commission, Human Rights and Pollution Commission, and the Elderly Commission, etc


Mito Law Office


Career -2015 Graduated from Waseda University Faculty of Law
-2017 Completed Graduate School of Law, Waseda University
-2018 Passed Bar exam
-2019 Completed Supreme Court Judicial Training Institute (Mito Training)
2019 Joined Haruka Ibaraki Mito Haruka Law Office


In addition to proactively addressing issues such as divorce and unfaithfulness, traffic accidents, labor issues and other general civil cases, Ibaraki Bar Association Consumer Affairs Committee, Law Education Committee for Citizens, Criminal Defense Center Administration, He is also a member of the Commission, Criminal Law Issues Committee, Intimate Transportation Rights Establishment Executive Committee, Criminal Detention System Reform Realization Headquarters Regional Headquarters, and Human Rights Commission.

Nagano Law Office

中野 信子

中野 信子 Nobuko Nakano

Career - 2003 Graduated from the Law Faculty of Tohoku University 
- 2006 Graduated from Shinshu University Law School
- 2013 Passed preliminary examination 
- 2015 Passed Judicial Examination
- 2017 Registered as Attorney at Law 
- 2018 Joined Nagano Branch Nagano Haruka Law Office


In addition to actively tackling issues such as divorce and unfairness, consumer issues, and labor issues, Nagano Law Office belongs to the Consumer Issue Countermeasures Committee of the Nagano Bar Association, the Management Committee of the Center for the Elderly with Disabilities, and the Committee on the Rights of the Child.




- 2016 Graduated from Tohoku University School of Law
- 2018 Completed legal profession nurture program at The University of Tokyo Faculty of Law and Graduate Schools for Law and Politics  
- 2019 Passed the Bar Exam
- 2020 Worked at a law office in Tokyo
- 2021 Joined Nagano Law Office, Haruka Nagano Branch


Having a strong background on eviction cases, he is currently extending his forte to cases involving traffic accident, divorce, adultery and debt-relief.   

Ehime Matsuyama Law Office

山口 絢子

山口 絢子 Ayako Yamaguchi

Career - 2012 Graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Commerce
- In 2015, she graduated from the Graduate School of Law, Keio University (Law Graduate School).
- Passed the bar examination
- 2016 Registered as an attorney at law.


In addition to tackling numerous issues such as divorce and infidelity, inheritance and traffic accidents, she has worked in extra-bargaining cases such as divorce of foreign nationals, and support activities for victims of crime.

藤井 悠太 Yuta Fujii


-Graduated from AIKO educational institution
-Graduated from Waseda University, School of Law
-Graduated from Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of Law, Faculty of Law


Greetings, growing up, I spent most of my time in Matsuyama, Ehime till high school. Now, I have returned home as a lawyer,
You may be hesitant to ask for help when you are in trouble, but don’t be. Feel free to ask a lawyer for help. You are protected as an attorney-client privilege will be attached whenever you consult with a lawyer. Noone will never know what you are in trouble for. Let me help in solving your case.
I will make my very best effort to help you and people in Ehime, so I look forward to meeting you and be of service to you.

菅原 友和 Tomokazu Sugahara


-Graduated from Ehime University
-Worked at NYS STUDY Co.
-Graduated from Kyushu University Law School
-Passed the Bar Examination
-Registered as an attorney at law


Actively involved in corporate legal affairs, business take-over of small and medium-sized enterprises(M&A), promotion of regional industries, IT, trade and investment issues, etc.