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Three Major Strengths of Haruka Law Office

①We use our vast experience and strong track record to get the best deal for our clients

We understand that traffic accidents can be a stressful time for both the victim and his/her relatives. However, in order to receive appropriate payment for your injury, you will have to undertake complicated calculations to submit an appropriate assessment of damages.

When you submit the extent of your damage to the insurance company, they will most likely assess your damage and offer you a meagre sum of money. However in many cases, Insurance companies try to withhold payments, so you may not receive the full sum of money of which you should be entitled to. In such a situation you will have to calculate the damage yourself and negotiate with the insurance company to receive the appropriate amount from them. However, this is a bad idea since without the necessary technical knowledge, you are likely to leave negotiations empty handed.

We therefore recommend that you consult with us so that we can use our wealth of experience and understanding of the field to handle negotiations with the insurance company on your behalf.

②Our Experienced Attorneys will provide you with Accurate Assessment of Damages 

In order to complete an assessment of damages, you will have a checkup from the doctors who will make a review of the extent of your injuries.

However, since doctors are only medical professionals, they may not be familiar with the legal technical procedures and thus they may make assessments that undervalue the sum of compensation that you are entitled to. At our firm we have lawyers with a strong background in medicine who can assess your injuries and give you an accurate assessment of damages.


③We will provide you will all round support so that you can minimize all the burdens that comes with a Traffic Accident

In order to minimize the psychological burden of traffic accident victims and their families, we have put in place a comprehensive support system that covers everything from negotiations with insurance companies to the continuation of medical expense payments, support for damage assessments, settlements with the insurance companies, and the settlement of lawsuits (should they occur).

We Provide Services that offer...

Full support for recognition of residual disability

We will take on the challenge of a thorough system to acquire appropriate grades of residual disability, from confirmation of the situation of outpatient treatment immediately after the accident to medical treatment, to encouragement of doctors who request doctors to describe their residual disability certificates, to the prior check of the content of the residual disability certificates before submitting them to the automobile liability insurance.

Total support from immediately after the accident to acquisition of compensation

In order to minimize the burden of traffic accident victims and their families and to ensure that they can focus on recovery with a peace of mind, we have put in place a comprehensive support system that encompasses settlements with insurance companies and settlements through lawsuits.

You do not pay until you receive a compensation

Attorney's fee is a burden that everyone feels when you encounter accidents. To ensure that you never feel worried about accident while thinking about how you are going to pay the attorney's fee, we offer 30 mins free consultation and exempt up-front fee.  Remedy may be paid after you receive your compensation.  

Expenses incurred until the acquisition of compensation money are zero, and a reasonable expense system is in place.

In order to prevent anxiety about attorney's fees for traffic accidents suffered by traffic victims, we have set up a compensation system that is uniform and easy to understand. The first 30 minutes of consultation fees is free, and the start fees are free. Compensation benefits are paid after the receipt of insurance or compensation.



Lawyers claim compensation and damages at the highest court standard.

The insurance company will proceed with discussions based on the automobile liability insurance standards or voluntary insurance standards. The voluntary insurance standard is the amount determined by the insurance company. Even in cases where the amount of compensation would be more than twice that if a trial were held, there would be no problem with the voluntary insurance standard if the victims agreed, and thus, there would be no significant increase in the amount of compensation even if the negotiations were conducted by individuals. Lawyers have the greatest strengths in bringing a lawsuit immediately if they can't settle the dispute through negotiations. The negotiation by an attorney is concluded by the insurance company that the negotiation is to be concluded as a trial if the standard of voluntary insurance is maintained and the payment is to be made according to the standard of trial. As a result, there are many cases in which an agreement on the amount of compensation based on the court standards can be reached during the negotiations.

Our Firm adopts a easy to understand, deferred payment system

In order to avoid anxiety about attorney's fees for victims of traffic accidents, we set the initial counseling fee at 30 minutes at 0 yen and the commencement fee at 0 yen, and set up a remuneration system that is clear and easy to understand.

In addition, please be assured that the Company will employ a full-pay-back system in which compensation is paid after obtaining insurance claims and compensation.

※ Attorneys' fees for the use of Attorney's fee rider shall be based on standards in accordance with the JFBA Compensation Standards.

The attorney's fee may be free.

Check the insurance you are enrolling immediately. If the insurance of the victim of a traffic accident or the insurance of the family of the victim of a traffic accident has a Attorney's fee rider, the insurance will cover up to 3 million yen as attorney's fee. Since the expenses are paid by the insurance company, there is no legal fee to the victim of a traffic accident within that limit.

There are cases where a rider can be received even for an automobile insurance policy in which a family member living together is enrolled.

※ Some insurances are not applicable.