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Severe Facial Injury

Facial dysmorphic disorde

In automobile liability insurance and workmen's insurance, facial dysmorphic disorders are part of disfiguring facial disorders.External appearance is the everyday exposure of the neck, head, and face, and the accreditation criteria differ for each part of the body.

The face part is the so-called face part, and the range is the part surrounded by the ridgeline of the lower jaw bone and the hairline.There is no difference in the grade of facial disfigurement between men and women, even with the same size of the injury.The facial dysmorphic sequelae grades are as follows:

The disfigurement of appearance that is subject to grading is, in principle, the degree to which another person is considered disfigured, that is, the degree to which the person is noticeable or more.In other words, the overall judgment is based on the criteria, taking into account the degree of pigmentation, site, and morphology.

Class 7, No.12, "Those who are left with remarkable disfigurement in appearance"

Facial areas may be scars larger than the size of a hen's egg or tissue depressions larger than the size of a 10-yen coin.

Class 9, No.16, "Those who are left with considerable disfigurement in appearance"

As a general rule, a linear scar of 5 cm or more in length on the face that is noticeable or more is applicable.

No. 12-14 "Those who remain disfigured in appearance"

This is applicable to scars larger than 10 yen coins or linear scars larger than 3 cm in length on the face.

※ 1) When recognizing a disfigurement disorder, the victim goes to the investigation office responsible for the district where the victim lives, and two staff members of the investigation office interview the victim to measure and confirm the size and severity of the disfigurement, and judge the degree of the disability.

※ 2) Symptoms of disfigurement should be fixed 6 months or more after the date of the accident or 6 months or more after suturing of disfigurement (cut or crushed wound).