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Range of relatives in voluntary automobile insurance

Q: My wife's nephew has entered the university in Tokyo. He will stay at my house and go to the University. I have one car and have a voluntary insurance policy, but can I use voluntary insurance if the nephew drives the car and causes an accident?


A: The coverage of insured persons in voluntary insurance is stipulated in the terms and conditions of the insurance.

  (Applicable Terms and Conditions)

   As the scope of insured persons,

   ② A person who falls under any of the following under the administration or use of an insured vehicle: Relatives of the registered insured person or his/her spouse living in the same household

   ※ “living in the same household” means that you live in the same house.

   ※ Relatives: relatives within sixth degree of kinship of the insured person and relatives within third degree of parents of spouse. 

   In the case of this question, the nephew of the spouse who will be living together will be a relative within the third degree of parents of the spouse.

    Therefore, since nephew is insured by the insurance, the nephew’s accident while driving your car can be covered by voluntary insurance(personal/objective)