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Case study 2(Injury)

(Accident Situation) The victim collided with the following vehicle while stopping to turn right at the intersection. (Injury/sickness/treatment) Cervical spine sprain and lumbar sprain were injured. The application for the sequelae disorder was made as the symptom fixation at the outpatient visit 6 months under the order of the insurance company, but it became non-applicable. (Victim Situation) The victim is a four-person family of husband and two children. (Amount Presented by Insurance Companies) The Insurance Companies presented a settlement amount of 250,000 yen for loss on absence from work and 600,000 yen for comfort compensation. (Negotiation of the Office)The victim was visiting the hospital with health insurance because of pain in the neck even after the symptom fixation. She consulted with our office and we accepted the assignment because she was not satisfied with the result that residual disability does not apply. The patient stayed at the hospital for 2 months after the patient's symptoms were fixed, so we asked her to prepare a medical certificate for her during the period. At the same time, we asked her to take MRI of the cervix and lumbar region, and also asked her to make the doctor write down the results of the examinations designated by the Office. An attorney at our office prepared the Opinion Form for Objection of the Grade of Subsequent Disabilities and attached it to the various materials. When the attorney in charge at our office objected to the obstacle, Class 14, No. 9 was granted.  Based on this, we negotiated with an insurance company and reached negotiations for loss of 700,000 yen for absence from work, 820,000 yen for compensation for injury, 990,000 yen for compensation for residual disabilities, and 670,000 yen for loss of profit from residual disabilities. (Results of negotiations) The amount increased by 2.33 million yen as a result of delegation to the Office, and the victims were pleased.