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Case study 1 (Injury)

 (Accident Situation) While walking on the crosswalk of the crossing point, I was hit by a car that turns left.  (Name of Injury, Disease, and Treatment) The patient had a fracture of the right tibia bone and bone shaft. The patient was admitted to the hospital for 2 months and visited the hospital for 6 months, and the visit date was 90 days. (Victim’s revenues, etc.) Although running greengrocery shop with his wife, he was unable to purchase at the market and closed the shop. The amount of income for the final return was 3 million yen. (Amount Presented by the Insurance Company) The Insurance Company presented 1 million yen in comfort compensation and 1.32 million yen in loss on absence from work as settlement money. (Negotiation of the Office) The victim was not satisfied with the amount of lost work time damages of the insurance company, so after consultation with the office, the office delegated to the insurance company. As a result of negotiations with the insurance company, the loss on lost work became 2,430,000 yen and the consolation compensation became 1,650,000 yen since the income has become 3,700,000 yen assuming the depreciation of fixed expenses for final return is 100,000 yen, taxes and duties are 120,000 yen, damages insurance premiums are 80,000 yen, and land rent is 400,000 yen. (Results of Negotiations) As a result of delegation to the Office, the victim was able to increase the amount by 1.76 million yen.