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you feel not getting compensated enough

When your insurance company is not compensating you enough

提示金額が低いと感じた場合After you are fully recovered from car accident, or your symptom is fixed,your insurance company will start negotiating with you on compensation.

You may think if it is a big and well-known company, they give you a fair and reasonable amount of compensation because of their reputation, but it is not always right.

At courthouse, it is a norm that a victim should receive a justifiable amount of compensation The court recognizes the amount equal to the actual damage as the "legitimate compensation amount."We lawyers also think of it in the same way.

However, the insurance company computes the amount of compensation according to the standards stipulated in the Motor Vehicle Damage Compensation Law (the Liability Act) or its own internal standards, and presents the amount as insurance benefit (compensation). However, the amount equal to the actual damage does not always agree with the amount of compensation calculated according to the standards of the Liability Law or in-house standards, and in many cases the latter is lower.

In other words, insurance companies often provide lower amounts than the "legitimate compensation."One of the roles of lawyers in traffic accidents is to negotiate to pay insurance companies "legitimate compensation" so that the victims can receive adequate compensation.