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Disability Claim and How You Can Dispute

1. Disability Claim

Who will be handling your classification of disability claims under mandatory vehicle liability insurance?Process done by the victim is directed to mandatory vehicle liability insurance companies and process done by the perpetrator is directed to optional insurance company.

However, the Non-Life Insurance Premium Rating Organization, which is commissioned by the vehicle liability insurance companies and voluntary insurance companies, effectively recognizes the defective disability rating.Then the investigation firm of the Non-Life Insurance Premium Rating Organization will investigate.

2.What measures should be taken if you are dissatisfied with the grade of disability resulting from the awarded automobile liability insurance?

The first step is to file an objection with the insurance company. Although there is no formality for filing an objection, only stating that there is an objection will not change the certification. Due to this fact, new materials must be submitted. For example, doctors must submit medical certificates and written opinions, reports on the daily lives of victims, results of re-examinations, and written opinions on traffic accident situations.

Next is the application for dispute settlement to the General Incorporated Foundation Automobile Liability Insurance and Mutual Aid Dispute Settlement Corporation. The filing of an objection with an Automobile Liability Insurance Company requires a re-examination of the authorization of the Automobile Liability Insurance Company. However, the filing of an application for dispute settlement with the Automobile Liability Insurance and Mutual Aid Dispute Settlement Corporation requires an examination by a third-party organization. Therefore, it can be said that fairness is ensured.

There are other legal proceedings. Automobile liability insurance companies and dispute settlement mechanisms are not binding on the judgment of the court.