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1.Impaired degree of disability

How is the disability class certified after liability?

There are three main points:

The first case is when the victim claims the liability insurance company to pay the liability insurance company. This is called a victim claim. In that case, the post-disaster status is certified by the liability insurance company that received the request.

The second case is when the plaintiff makes a claim about the liability insurance company to a liability insurance company. This is called a perpetrator's claim. Also in this case, the claim liability rating will be made by the insurance company. of responsibility that received the request.

The third case is when the offender's voluntary insurance company asks the Loss Rate Calculation Mechanism to accredit a degree of sequential disability. This is called pre-certification.

2.Procedure for receiving note approval

Procedure for receiving note approval
For a victim to be certified as a disability class after a liability, a claim by a perpetrator or an optional insurance company must obtain prior authorization.
In that case, you will have a doctor to make a medical certificate after the effect.
Some doctors are not familiar with preparing a sequence of a disability certificate, and the declaration of a disability certificate may be insufficient or difficult to understand.
Therefore, to avoid this, it is necessary to describe in detail which points need to be described in relation to a sequential disability degree accreditation, before obtaining a written follow-up disability certificate.
It is necessary for the doctor to understand if the point becomes a point, etc.
In addition, even after having a disability tracking certificate, check for any omissions before submission is required.