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Benefit of Hiring a lawyer

We are a specialized in dealing with the resolution of accidents and are capable of responding to all circumstances.

Many perpetrators have voluntary insurance, so the negotiation with the victim is conducted with the insurance company. If you consult with our lawyers, you will come out of negotiations with a larger sum of compensation, thus improving the quality of your life post-accident. There are many accident consultation services, but depending on the amount of compensation and the situation, there are projects that cannot be handled by such companies, hence why we recommend you consult a qualified firm such as ours.


No need to worry about all the stress and paperwork you normally go through

  The following benefits of consulting an attorney

           -   Preparation of documents

           -   Various negotiations

           -   Case studies

Getting back on your feet 

Our main concern is that our clients can get back to living a normal life again as soon as possible. However, if you are poorly compensated for your injuries by the insurance company, this becomes difficult. Therefore our lawyers will try to get as much from the insurance companies in compensation as we possibly can.

Increase your compensation claims

損害賠償額を増額Primarily, insurance companies present compensation amounts according to their own standards. There are standards for the calculation of the amount of damage, and the most expensive is said to be the court standard. Of course, the insurance company will move with the view to make a final decision in the court, with the insurance lawyer acting as an agent as much as possible. As a result, it works when it solves it arbitrarily when the litigation cost is hit. As a result, it becomes possible to consult with the amount close to the court standard as a result. By acting on behalf of a lawyer, it is likely that more compensation will be obtained.

Compensation Claims ・・・

When you feel you are not getting compensated enough

When you feel your insurance company is paying a lot less than they should for loss or absence of work.

When you feel your insurance company is not paying enough even for your car repair