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Compensation claims for Fixed Symptoms

1.Post Traffic Accident Symptoms and Fixed stage of symptom

If you are injured from traffic accident, you will receive medical treatment, and it sometime leaves aftereffect. This is what we call Post Traffic Accident Symptoms or「後遺障害」. In stage of when medical treatment does not improve symptom by any means, we call it Fixed stage of symptom or「症状固定」. This however does not mean the patient does not require any more medical treatment.

2.Compensation claims for Post Traffic Accident Symptoms

When you are unable to work, or your work performance is affected due to symptoms, your income is also affected which is known as Loss of Income due to Post Traffic Accident or lack of ability to work.

When your symptom(s) is in fixed stage (no possibility of improvement of your condition), you are entitled to another compensation for mental distress.

An amount of Compensation mentioned above is determined based on the grade of disability